Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden

As part of the Summer of British Rose Gardens tour this June participants had the joy of presenting the GROW Rose Garden Hall of Fame Award to David Stone, Head Gardener for Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden. The award recognizes the significance of the National Collection of Old Garden Roses held here.  Designed and planted by Graham Thomas in the 1960’s this National Trust property near Romsey, Hampshire, on the south coast of England is a gem in the crown of British rose gardens.

From left to right, Molly White, Pat Shanley, Clair Martin, David Stone, and Marilyn Wellan at the award presentation

David started working at Mottisfont Abbey under Graham Thomas and has now managed the garden for more than 30 years.  David and his staff and volunteers should be very proud of what they have accomplished! The two walled rose gardens planted with a mixture of once-blooming and remontant roses and perennials are truly magnificent from mid-June to early-July.

The climbing Tea, 'Lady Hillingdon' aginst the wall

The GROW Rose Garden Hall of Fame Award was conceived to highlight the world’s great rose gardens.  To be eligible for this award a garden must be open to the public, hold a significant collection of roses, and promote rose culture through outreach and educational programs.

Mottisfont is off the beaten track but a day trip there will repay the hardy visitor with memories worth a lifetime!  Be prepared to spend the day exploring the rose garden and be sure to bring along your camera, you will discover roses you may have only read about.  The blend of roses and perennials in the spring is unbelievable.

Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden

Like most National Trust properties they have an excellent book and gift shop and if you are lucky enough to be gardening in the UK they sell some of their roses in a small nursery to the side of the entrance.