'Angela', Climbing Floribunda, Kordes, 1984 in Keisai Rose Garden, Japan

This just in from a teacher who’s students were studying roses. They somehow discovered a link to the ‘old’ Huntington Library website and found the links archived there very useful for their project. That website was taken down several years ago but seems to still have a life out there in the world of lost websites! It is interesting just how profoundly changing the GOOGLE has become in so short a time. Now every secondary level student has this powerhouse of knowledge at their fingertips 24/7.  It is our responsibility to make sure the information out there is correct and ALWAYS AVAILABLE!

My students and I are so happy we came across your page: http://huntingtonbotanical.org/Rose/roselinks.htm. Your page has offered us some great resources (on roses) that we were able to use. 🙂 Gracias! We’re currently doing a fun unit on flowers…and roses happen to be a mutual favorite!

Since we used a few of your resources, my students thought it was only fair to share one they found…they found it to be pretty useful too: http://www.odealarose.com/19-rose-gardens . ((I also told them I was going to award them some extra credit!)) 🙂

Do you think you could add their suggestion to your page? They’d love to make a contribution!

Jessica Lee

'Marilyn Monroe', Carruth, 2002, in the Tournament of Roses Garden, Pasadena, CA

And this is one of the ways we encourage the next generation of rosarians!