If you live (or don’t) in a warm and dry region you need to subscribe to Ludwig Taschner’s monthly newsletter Talking Roses. Ludwig’s rose nursery in South Africa is a major supplier of roses both cut and plants to the SA market.

Now I can hear you thinking…”why would I be interested in rose culture in South Africa?” Well, he writes one of the best newsletters out there and fills it with practical hands-on information. Just one thing to remember, he writes for South Africa and the seasons below the Equator are reversed from our northern hemisphere gardens. So right now Ludwig is writing about the hot dry summer they are experiencing. Just file the great ideas from SA for reference later.

Ludwig Roses represents a number of European rose companies, especially Kordes Roses from his native Germany.  He also hybridizes roses for SA.

Eunice School (SPElusho(N)

Ludwig’s rose ‘Eunice School’ is described as…”not just good, but very, very good….” He states it holds both well on the bush and has long life for cutting. Too bad we can’t import from South Africa!

To subscribe to the newsletter email the nursery at:  talkingroses@ludwigsroses.co.za and ask to be put on the posting list for TalkingRoses.